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Jules Gets Started In The Garden!

Spring has sprung!! This time every year the sun starts to shine and we look at the garden and know we really must do something about it, but where do we start?

As I wander round the garden centre taking photos, i regularly stop to admire various plants and flowers (today it was a pink Rose!) and ask Lou and Karen how I would look after it or where I would plant it. So today i asked Karen what she would advise if you were starting out with a blank canvas garden…

Karen said “first of all what surrounds your garden? Have you got a fence or trees? Or do you need to plant some shrubs to create a border? Once this is established then consider if you want any bigger, taller statement pieces, and where you would like them.”

Then you can start thinking about what you might like to grow. If like me, you are after instant impact, then bright and colourful bedding plants are a good place to start; pansies give quick results and most of them are hardy so can cope with any spring frost. You could plant your garden borders or pots with herbaceous perennials such as lupins which will give a fantastic summer display.

A top tip from Lou is to start planting evergreen flowering shrubs as this will then give you some structure for the winter.

If you are after something that smells lovely when you are sat out in your garden enjoying the evening sun, then something like honeysuckle is wonderful although ensure to plant once Jack Frost is no longer making an appearance!

Sounds so easy doesn’t it??!

I hope this gives you some inspiration and confidence to get in the garden, with the first May bank holiday just round the corner it’s certainly got me thinking…


Happy gardening!

Jules x

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