How To Choose The Perfect Christmas Tree!

Christmas is coming – yey!! Let’s have a family Christmas outing to Charnley’s Home & Garden to choose a fresh tree, what a lovely family thing to do. Only you get there and are faced with 100’s of trees that all look the same! The kids are running round, Mum insists on pulling what feels like every tree out to examine it and you end up making a quick decision just so you can get to the warm cafe quick and enjoy a homemade cake and coffee. Sound familiar??!

We don’t want buying your fresh Christmas Tree at Charnley’s Home & Garden to be a stressful experience, but instead to be a family tradition that marks the start of the festive period.

Probably the most important bit of advice is to measure the space in your room before you go out, it really isn’t easy to try and guess the height of your room by looking at the fresh tree in front of you! Also remember to take into account the extra room the stand takes.

Buy your fresh tree early! It’s much better to get the best pick of the recently felled trees and to water and feed it yourself at home rather than delaying and having less choice.

All fresh trees at Charnley’s Home and Garden are British grown which is an important thing to look out for as it will be fresher and have a much lower carbon footprint than one transported from Europe.

The two main choices of Christmas tree are the Nordmann Fir or the Norway Spruce.

The Nordmann Fir is also known as the non-drop as it doesn’t shed it’s needles as easily as the Spruce. It’s great for children as it’s needles are softer and is usually a lovely glossy green. The Norway Spruce, slightly cheaper than the Nordmann but does have spikier needles if you have inquisitive children and animals! However, the Norway Spruce Tree does have that nostalgic fresh Christmas fragrance and often a more structured tree shape.

Run your fingers along the tree of your choosing and make sure all the needles don’t fall off, it is also important to make sure you choose a tree when it’s out of it’s netting. Give the tree a little spin and imagine it sitting in your house and greeting all your family and friends this Christmas!

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