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Christmas 2020 & Shopping For All Things Green!

It has been a very busy January here at Charnleys Home & Garden Centre! We have been to Holland on a very exciting Christmas shopping trip,  and we have also visited Italy and Amsterdam to get the very best plants for our growing Garden Centre.

From the moment Jules, Angela and Marc stepped foot into the amazing showroom they were swept up in all things Christmas. Coats were hung up, coffee in hand and ready to go!

The displays were big, colourful, and so sparkly! We have visited the showroom before, but each year is different and the displays just keep getting better. The Christmas Tree’s were filled with every colour bauble imaginable, hundreds of lights and stunning decorations! They wanted it all!

When walking around the beautiful displays they were thinking about our themes for this year, what colour to go for? Is this decoration too heavy? Is it affordable? Will our customers like it? After deciding on themes, the shopping started. We cant wait to share with you our 2020 displays, we are feeling floral this year…

Marc and Karen have also been busy jetting off to Italy and Amsterdam to get the very best plants for our Garden Centre! The displays were amazing and like something you have never seen before!

The first couple of days were spent in Italy, looking round fields and fields full of different types of plants and trees. Some of the plants were really unique, and we know our customers would love them! Then the last day was spent in Amsterdam, to expand our search on getting the very best for our Garden Centre. We cant wait to show you all the new stock, I hope you’re ready to get your hands dirty!

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