Dress Up Your Garden This Summer With Outdoor Furniture!

When the summer arrives many garden owners scramble to make the most of the warm weather by sitting out on the lawn. But if you don’t have the perfect garden furniture, this experience might not be quite as good as you imagined. Here are our top tips when it comes to furnishing your outdoor space:

Pick something durable

Although you’ll want to use your garden furniture when the weather is nice, it’s best you choose something that will last all year round. When it comes to couches and chairs, make sure the cushions are water resistant and easy to clean. This keeps them protected against those summer showers too!

Portable and foldable

If you’re short on space and will only be getting out the furniture when you’re using it, choose lightweight materials so that furniture is easy to move around. To store tables and chairs more effectively, check to see if the ones you buy are stackable or foldable, saving you room in your garage during the winter months.


If you do decide on lighter plastic chairs that can be folded away, make sure you keep comfort in mind. Cushions, blankets and throws can quickly dress up furniture that might not be the most luxurious. With lighter tables, check to see if there’s an option to fix them to the ground temporarily to avoid any gusts of wind upsetting your card game and drinks.

Contact Charnley’s

Here at Charnley’s, we offer a huge range of garden, kitchen and home furniture. Browse through our tables and chairs to find the perfect garden set up for you.

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