The Octagonal Summerhouse

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The Octagonal

Georgian/ Leaded
Size/Octagonal 6 £3421
Size/Octagonal 8 £4126
Size/Octagonal 10 £4855
Stretched 8 £4531

Standard Features:
Half glazed joinery single door with
antique hinges,
ornate handle and lever lock
2 fully glazed top hung windows
2 fully glazed fixed windows
All side panels of the same size are fully interchangeable upon installation
Choice of shingle tiled roof in grey slate, green or red
Door drip
Choice of Georgian, diamond lead, or square lead glazing

Size: 8’ x 8’ / 2440mm x 2440mm
Eaves ht. 80” / 2035mm
Ridge ht. 99” / 2535mm
Door 1790mm x 762mm
Windows 1040mm x 717mm
Framing 38mm x 50mm
Cladding 16mm x 125mm
Size: 10’ x 10’ / 3050mm x 3050mm
Eaves ht. 80” / 2035mm
Ridge ht. 99” / 2535mm
Double doors 1790mm x 1103mm

22mm premier cladding
19mm Log Lap cladding
22mm floorboards
Toughened glass


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